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You are only a few short steps away from starting to sell Zippo Lighters from your store or website. Campco offers the largest selection of Zippo products available and is one of the leading distributors of tactical flashlights and gear in the industry. Whether you are looking to buy inventory at the lowest wholesale prices available or to have us drop-ship products directly to your customers, we will provide you with the products and service that are right for your business. We are a leader in supplying tactical, military and police gear to exclusive retailers all over the world.

wholesale zippo lightersBenefits of Selling Zippo Lighters:

  • Zippo is one of the best selling lighters in the world
  • Great selling product with great margins means more profit for you
  • Huge selection of products to fit every style and budget

Why work with Campco?

HUGE Wholesale product list

Over 6,000  wholesale products from more than 50 of the most popular tactical and defense brands at low wholesale and drop ship prices.

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Easily manage search our product listings, prices and inventory through a single, consolidated website.

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Enjoy the confidence of working with on of the largest and most trusted tactical gear distributors in the industry.

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Our Sales managers have more than 15 years experience in the military and tactical gear industry so they know which products will make you the most money.

More Great Reasons to Grow Your Business With Campco:

  • Huge selection of products from leading gear manufacturers at great wholesale prices
  • Great margins mean more profit for you!
  • Low minimum initial order (only $150)
  • Weekly specials and discounts on top selling products

Benefits of Selling Zippo Lighters

The Zippo’s products are currently in high demand on the market. As a Zippo reseller, you will receive the following business benefits:

  • The Zippo lighter and other products are perfectly fitted for both online and retail business shops. Since its demand is continuously increasing, you can sell these products instantly.
  • With the low cost of Zippo’s products, wholesale resellers can easily accumulate more customers and sales generation will be very simple.
  • As a valued reseller of these products, you can also get some discount costs especially when the main distributor offers promotional sales.

In general, Zippo Lighters offer both a high quality product and as well as an profitable product to sell with nice margins. In other words, Zippos benefit both customers and business owners for them to earn more profit for the betterment of their industry.

Wholesale Zippo Lighters

One of the most popular distributors of lighters is the Zippo Lighters Company. They offer excellent and high quality lighters to satisfy the needs of their customers. The Zippo lighters are usually made up of plastic or metal container. Inside its container, there are lighter fluids such as liquid butane or naphtha. The Zippo’s products are also safe to use as compared to other lighters. When it comes to its prices, these are quite affordable. It is the reason why majority continue to patronize these items. In addition, Zippo products have numerous features that truly mark to all users. With these products, you have lots of options to choose from. It covers numerous styles, colors, styles and other essential features. As a matter of fact, you can also engrave your own name in the lighter’s container or suggest your preferred designs. Furthermore, Zippo products cover not only lighters but watches, pens, supplies, accessories and other gift items. Since there are outstanding selections of Zippo’s products, its popularity is continuously increasing.

For more information about selling Zippo Lighters from your store or website, please contact us today.

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